Getting to know the team - Nina

Hi, my name is Nina, I am a community engagement coordinator who works at an organisation called Eat That Frog.

One of my roles is making sure the community fridge is well stocked and available for those who need it. The Community Fridge is stocked by the waste from all the supermarkets that I go and collect. I also distribute some of the left overs to community groups and even Shaldon Zoo. I also do lots of different things at Eat That Frog but the important thing behind all of that, is that I care about the work I do for the community.

Away from all things work, I love my family more than anything, I have 2 wonderful children and now a beautiful granddaughter. In my spare time I love to go for coffee and I love to dance.

Interaction with people is one of the things I love so when being asked to be apart of Gaia Giving it was an easy decision for me.

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