Coffee Origins

Single origin

All of the beans in an single origin coffee are sourced from a single region or farm, resulting in unique flavours and notes in each individual type of coffee. These special coffees are very lightly roasted to retain the unique, original, natural flavour of the region. Genuine single origin coffee comes from individual farms or even small sections of individual farms. This results in specific flavour and quality benefits. It also promotes fair business practices in which actual growers benefit, as opposed to giant corporations


A blend is made up of various beans gathered from different locations and combined either before or after grinding. The beans are generally well-roasted, which has the effect of producing a uniform, well-rounded flavour that lends itself well to combining with milk, sweeteners and flavourings.

Coffee from different regions

Great quality coffee beans are only grown in the '' Coffee Belt'' as altitude and climate have a huge impact on the quality of coffee bean grown. The region in which the coffee is grown can also impact the flavours.

  • Central America: Spicy coffees with hints of cocoa and brown sugar.

  • South America: Rich, sweet, creamy coffees with a hint of chocolate and low acid content.

  • Africa: Full-bodied, complex, rich, fragrant coffees with fruity and floral notes.

  • Kenya: Bright coffees that exhibit a complex combination of sweet and tart flavours.

  • Ethiopia: Naturally processed coffees that feature sweet, berry-like or floral flavours.

  • Asia: Savoury, complex coffees that are low-acid.

Our Suppliers
An artisan micro-roaster focusing on purchasing amazing coffees from around the world. Their coffees are selected from speciality importers who support and care about the farmers and cooperatives through ethical and sustainable practices.

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