Gaia Coffee was opened on the 21st of September 2019, long before we created Gaia Giving but the coffee shop birthed the new Community Interest Company.

When we started Gaia Coffee we never went into it thinking we want to make lots of profit, we wanted experience, we wanted to learn the art of coffee and then give our version of hospitality.

But as the shop progressed  and became part of the community it became clear we could make a real positive impact to our community.



Our Journey

Gaia has developed into a place for all of the community. When not in lockdown we have a well being barista working Monday - Wednesday who is there to provide support and a friendly face if you feel you would like to talk to someone. 

We run Cool Climate ( A youth group centering around climate change and other key issues for young people) on Wednesday afternoon 4-6pm.

We also offer training opportunities and work experience placements for people who are struggling to gain experience in the current climate.

Finally when you come to Gaia you will always find a friendly face and someone willing to help and signpost you to the services you may need.